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I’ve been fascinated with and making jewelry since I was a young child. Why do we wear it? How do we obtain it, and how is it made? There are a multitude of explanations. Jewelry is such a personal, human tradition. We have been collecting objects and creating jewelry for thousands of years. We give and receive it to mark special occasions. We have a natural inclination to adorn ourselves; it makes us feel strong and attractive. Through my creations, I believe in tapping into the ancient wisdom and power of this principle. I want my wearer to feel emboldened by their jewelry, as if they are stepping into their power and putting on their armor to face the world with elegance and grace.

My philosophy is that both form and function must reign in every piece of jewelry. It’s not enough to just look good from the front. Jewelry is a three-dimensional piece of wearable art; every angle and every side must be considered. Every surface paid attention to. My focus is craftsmanship and thoughtful design. I strive to create beautiful, timeless pieces that will endure wearing from one generation to the next.

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Allison Clogg graduated SUNY New Paltz in 2012 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Metals, and a minor in Geology. After a brief stint working for an art jewelry gallery, she moved onto working for master fine and production jewelers. Having honed her skills, Allison is a bench jeweler based in the Hudson Valley Region of New York. Working exclusively with precious metals, she  has a strong interest in featuring magnificent gemstones and interpreting classical artistic forms. Establishing her own collections in 2018, Allison has been developing her unique style and craft both in production work and custom pieces.